Tara Marshall Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Salon X was founded by Tara Marshall, a creative entrepreneur who has turned a lifelong passion for hair and makeup into a successful online retail venue.

Pride in Perfection

Tara is a highly regarded makeup and beauty consultant who works tirelessly researching the products that Salon X carries before approving them for the company’s inventory.

Registered distributors and wholesalers for Monave Mineral Cosmetics and Sacha Cosmetics (the official cosmetics for Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Bahamas), Tara carries only products that are made from the finest ingredients. Whether it’s for hard-to-match tones or sensitive skin, Salon X will take the time to learn about your individual needs and recommend a tailor-made solution. Salon X is more than just another online cosmetic retailer; Tara firmly believes that women who purchase good products for themselves will feel and look better all around and live more fulfilled lives.

Salon X caters to clients who prefer the elegance and luxury of upscale cosmetics, especially those who are looking for a product that will deliver visible results.

“I couldn’t wait as a teenager to be able to wear my first lip-gloss and eyeliner”.

A graduate from Purdue University, Tara marries her sharp eye for visual beauty with inherent computer savvy to yield Salon X, an Internet-based beauty consultancy that boasts makeup artistry and hair finesse. When she’s not advising a client or friend about which product will give them just the right look, Tara can be found researching the market for the latest beauty breakthroughs.

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